I Hate to Be Paranoid But. . .News

VIDA: Women in Literary Arts today released its annual Count, examining issues of gender discrimination in some of the nation’s major literary venues for 2012. The previous Counts have fueled considerable media response by revealing the wide disparity in rates of publication between male and female authors in nearly every genre.

This year’s Count demonstrates that some outlets have heard VIDA’s message—critically-acclaimed magazines such as Tin House, Poetry and Threepenny Review were particularly noticeable for the positive attention editors are giving to create a more balanced publishing landscape.

But as the conversation over these issues has grown louder, some magazines seem to have become tone deaf. The 2012 Count reveals that the gender discrepancy in venues such as The Paris Review, The New Republic, New York Review Of Books, Times Literary Supplement, The New Republic and The Nation has either stagnated or grown quantifiably worse since VIDA’s Count began. See http://www.vidaweb.org/ Thanks to Goodreads for publicizing this study.