READERS’ CORNER, NOVEMBER 2020, POETRY: Nonfiction for Tolerance Day. Learn about life from these books. Welcome to the United States of Anxiety: Observations from a Reforming Neurotic. Author Jen Lancaster takes on the topic of the United States’ collective anxiety with wit, humor, and practical tips. Women Rowing North: Navigating Life’s Currents and Flourishing as We Age. Mary Pipher confronts the inevitable crises and losses we all experience with the aging process. Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know About the People We Don’t Know. A powerful examination by thoughtful Malcolm Gladwell of our interactions with strangers and our flawed responses. Nothing Daunted, The Unexpected Education of Two Society Girls in the West. The captivating true story of two restless, affluent young women who “roughed it” as teachers in the wilds of Colorado in 1916, by Dorothy Wickenden.  See;, or

FACE MASKS, DIFFERENT POINTS OF VIEW: Another opinion (mine) about how much we can or should depend on masks during this pandemic. From the Beacon Senior News in Grand Junction. What do you think?     

Colorado Sun publishes my essay about masks: Go to Colorado Sun published my essay about masks. “Write On!”, “Our reactions to coronavirus only give us the illusion of control.”

NEW PODCAST:  I discuss my journey and how having a passion in life helps me and others gain purpose and excitement on the Femininjja Project. Visit

PAPERBACK NOW AVAILABLE! A feisty single mom clashes with an ex-military corporate star at a retreat in the wild Colorado mountains. But when a raging flood threatens their survival, they learn the true meaning of partnership. Available in  paperback as well as ebook. To order, visit Amazon, or Totally Bound, ,or other online retailers. 

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