GUEST BLOG POST–Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: When to End a Book Series

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  • WRITERS GROUP SPEAKER TO PRESENT STEREOTYPES AND CHARACTERS. I present a workshop Monday, July 1, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., on “Out-of-Date Stereotypes in Character Development.” Sponsored by the Castle Rock Writers, I’ll speak about contemporary writing which often continues to be dogged by out-of-date stereotypes. Whether it’s the idea that small town life is better than big city, or men and women prefer clear gender roles, or the scarcity of diverse ethnicities in characters, what do readers and writers lose by these self-imposed limits? How can a writer use tropes, and archetypes in fiction? The workshop, to be held at the Philip S. Miller Library, 100 S Wilcox St, Castle Rock, is open to the public, suggested donation $10. For further information, see or contact with questions or to RSVP if possible.
  • Free podcast on “Spinning, Writing, and Life-Long Learning” with me as the special guest on the Ladies Chit Chat Club with the FemiNinja. I share my passion for writing, devotion to community involvement, dedication to life-long learning, and commitment to exercise. Especially spinning. I believe mental activity is the result of physical activity, and that regular exercise helps the creative process. I also shares humor and outlook on life.

  • Rock and roll is our generation’s youth serum. We’re bound to live much longer that others because. . .we jam! My article on “Never Too Old to Rock ‘n’ Roll” appears in 3rd Act Magazine this month. Do you agree? Which category do you fall in? Comments welcome!

  • Article on why I always have disasters in my fiction. Can you guess the reasons why: See

  • QUIRKY OLD LADIES FRONT AND CENTER: My short story “Carmen” is now available online through Short Edition’s national writing contest. (  “Carmen” reveals a hidden side of an aging but courageous woman as two friends poke through her possessions and discuss her. Short Edition is a French publisher of brief fiction “for loiterers and literati alike,” dispensed free in special machines. Distribution has now begun in the US. See

  • Now nationally syndicated! Through Senior Wire News Service, my think-pieces are made available for a small fee. They’re also carried on Go60, such as my essay on the political climate. Can common courtesy help us get along better? Should manners trump morals?Read more news…


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