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APRIL READERS’ CORNER, NEW BEGINNINGS FOR SPRING.  Adulting (Liz Talley). A former child actress tries to get clean and sober to resuscitate her career. Good Luck With That (Kristin Higgins). An unexpected challenge from a dead friend motivates two plump girlfriends. Hatchet (Gary Paulsen), A teen marooned in Canadian bush country after a plane crash, with only a hatchet to help him in a 1988 Newbery winner features. See;, or #womenreaders  #womenfiction  #bookreview  #seniors  #Coauthor
INDIE BOOK BUTLER: New interview on Indie Book Butler covers lots of areas you may not know about me, my life, and writing. See
SPECUTIVE FICTION WRITERS BLOG: A Word with Spec Fic Writer Bonnie McCune via @specficwriters See behind the scenes the process and what a writer gets from being a writer.

APPEARANCE ON ROMANCE LIVES FOREVER:  I appear with hostess Kayelle Allen, discussing Never Retreat, my latest book, and writing. See

NEW SHORT STORY PUBLISHED: My short story “Carmen” has been published online by Page & Spine. Two aging women are surprised about a third’s political activism, showing surprises occur at every age. Feel free to comment, like, forward.

SPECULATIVE FICTION COLLECTION:  First encounters with the unknown call forth exciting tales full of magic, horror, humor, and suspense. What happens when aliens, fantastical creatures or strange celestial objects interrupt ordinary life? From the Speculative Fiction Writers group of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers comes First Encounters–a Speculative Fiction Anthology (OTI Press November 2020), a collection of ten original stories full of mysterious happenings. This collection offers ten original and addictive stories, one of them mine. See Amazon (, Barnes & Noble (, and Kobo ( . Ebooks are $3.99, paperbacks are $8.99 plus tax and postage. For info on the SpecFic group, see

PODCAST “The Passion for Writing”: Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers interviewer Mark Stevens talks with me at “The Passion for Writing,” how I’ve developed my writing and what I get back from it The half-hour show is free on the website My passion for writing began in childhood and led to my career in nonprofits focusing on public and community relations and marketing, but now concentrates on fiction.

READERS’ CORNER, FEBRUARY. ROMANCE. Crazy Rich Asians (Kevin Kwan) parades hilarious yet thoughtful observations and characters. Never Retreat (Bonnie McCune) pits a feisty single mom against an ex-military, macho corporate star at a business retreat in the wild Colorado mountains. The Bear Comes Home  (Rafi Zabor) is a comic novel exploring the eccentric life of an alto saxophone jazz musician, a talking bear. Pigs In Heaven (Barbara Kingsolver) a best-seller sequel to The Bean Trees, with the illegal adoption of a Native American child and a run-away trip with Anglo mother See;, or

FACE MASKS, DIFFERENT POINTS OF VIEW: Another opinion (mine) about how much we can or should depend on masks during this pandemic. From the Beacon Senior News in Grand Junction. What do you think?     

Colorado Sun publishes my essay about masks: Go to Colorado Sun published my essay about masks. “Write On!”, “Our reactions to coronavirus only give us the illusion of control.”

PAPERBACK NOW AVAILABLE! A feisty single mom clashes with an ex-military corporate star at a retreat in the wild Colorado mountains. But when a raging flood threatens their survival, they learn the true meaning of partnership. Available in  paperback as well as ebook. To order, visit Amazon, or Totally Bound, ,or other online retailers. 

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  1. Hey Bonne good thought. Mary and I have been donating to different charities for years We also have a group of unhoused individuals (no bank accounts) that we give cash to. If you two need some suggestions we would be glad to provide..I always told my donors give $$$ until you really feel good. Aren’t we lucky to be able to help others. A few of our acquaintances donate their SS check (they don’t need it) to different organizations.
    Stan& Mary

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