Readers’ Corner, July 2022, Give Something Away Day, like a favorite book to spread the joy? Ideas–The Poisonwood Bible, by Barbara Kingsolver, chock full of history, questions of culture and heritage, and religion, set in hot-spot Belgian Congo in the 60s, a well-meaning religious-fanatic pits himself against his four daughters, the locals, even Africa. Another popular book with religious and philosophical overtones, Breakfast With Buddha by  Roland Merullo,  matches a self-satisfied yet questioning intellectual with a soulful seeker after good, wearing long kasaya robes. On a meandering trip across the country, the two manage to build a supportive relationship. Water for Elephants, Sara Gruen’s 2007 best-seller tells of a young veterinary student whose dreams are crushed by the Great Depression. Homeless and penniless, Jacob joins a shabby traveling circus, becoming involved with the crew and performers. See #womenreaders  #womenfiction  #bookreview  #seniors  #Coauthor #readerscorner

Spec Fic Writers Summer Newsletter. Follow along with our members who publish in many of the speculative fiction sub-genres including: science fiction, fantasy, horror, dystopian, weird west, fairy tales and more. Get to know our writers and our works. Visit to read the Summer 2022 issue and sign up to get it regularly. Highlights include:

  •    A Word with SpecFic Writer Kayelle Allen,”,” Genre-hopping, super-productive author, publisher, and marketer.
  • Two new anthologies released in winter: Second Law and Joy to the Worlds.
  • Book review of White Trash Warlock, by David R Slayton, an hysterical, yet thoughtful, romp through a fantasy world
  • Why We Create Monsters: Horror writer, editor, and social media guide for the critique group Winnie Jean Howard conducts us through the attraction of horror stories.
  • Live Well and Prosper: SpecFic in the News

ANOTHER NEW SHORT STORY PUBLICATION:  My flash fiction, “King of the Class”, about young love gone right, appears in a July issue of Every Day Fiction. You are invited to read it. Please comment if you wish. See

NEW SHORT STORY PUBLICATION: “The Girl Who Loves the Boy Who Loves the Girl Who Plays the Cello,” describing the circuitous path romance can take, has been published by The Sunlight Press. Feel free to enjoy and leave comments.

SHORT STORY PUBLICATION: My speculative fiction short story, “Final Report from the Land of Red-Headed Children,” was published late last year by a new local publishing house, Third Flatiron. The anthology, Things With Feathers: Stories of Hope, features 24 stories that range from future science fiction to ancient myth to mysterious bird lore, all demonstrating different speculative takes on hope. See

ANTHOLOGIES RELEASED: The Speculative Fiction Writers have released several anthologies recently. Joy to the Worlds, a holiday anthology, lets you take your pick of maniacal Christmas bots, unexpected visitors from other worlds, omnipotent in-laws over for dinner, or a time travel mission gone terribly wrong. Buy one to pass the time this winter or store for next holiday season. Second Law Anthology features those laws less important than primary decrees but often imperative for social stability, morality, or survival. Ten original speculative fiction stories in several subgenres. For information on these and other specfiction news, visit the website for the fourth quarter newsletter.

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