Book launch, Barnes & Noble, May 2018

  • Never Retreat leads the reader into the wilderness…in a breathtaking page-turner that will leave you exhausted but wanting more!” —Corinne Joy Brown, award-winning author of Hidden Star 
  • Praise for Never Retreat “. . .offering intriguing lead characters. . .the novel is a swift and satisfying read. The fresh air helps turn this office romance into a truly romantic adventure.” –Kirkus Review
  • RADIO APPEARANCE: KYGT The Goat, Writers Talk, hosted at 102.7 FM – Idaho Springs, with host Jerry Fabyanic. This regular show features lively discussions with writers of all types. Find out about my newest book, Never Retreat, as well as  the differences between women and men writers, getting inspired to write, Colorado as a popular setting for fiction, and lots more. You also can catch the interview streaming at CLEARCREEKRADIO.COM and Jerry’s website via podcast, 
  • More praise for Never Retreat–RomCon saysA modern love story with elements of suspense and surprise as a flood puts Raye and Des in survival mode. . . .Clashing characters early on turns into a nice dose of chemistry between the pair. Strong well-written characters with a fleshed out background for each of them makes this an enjoyable read. An imaginative storyline that hasn’t been overdone.” 
  • My short story, “In Search of Perfect A’s,” has been published in Best New Writing 2018 collection. This is a national annual anthology of fiction and creative nonfiction, from Hopewell Publications. This is the final issue of the annual competition. Order in Kindle version online for $2.99.
  • Now nationally syndicated! Through Senior Wire News Service, my think-pieces are made available for a small fee. They’re also carried on Go60, such as my essay on the political climate. Can common courtesy help us get along better? Should manners trump morals?

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A Message from Bonnie

Bonnie McCune

Superhuman achievements, extravagant wealth and grandiloquent language, political power or notoriety, or the external signs of success aren’t impressive. Instead, the wonder in the world around me, the respect I feel when an individual meets trouble with dignity and hard work, my amazement to learn of a small triumph in an everyday life motivate me.

My response isn’t unique. From a piece as banal yet charming as Flower Drum Song (“A Hundred Million Miracles”) to soul-stirring poems by Ranier Maria Rilke (“Duino Elgies”), we’re reminded how fleeting our existence and how valued our senses, experiences and thoughts should be.

So my writing and my blog explore these details with humor or praise, distaste or
disapproval, awe or loathing, both the highs and lows of incidents I run across, based on my own opinions. You’re welcome to comment, read, or respond if you’re so inclined.


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