New Edition, “Never Retreat”

NOW AVAILABLE! A feisty single mom clashes with an ex-military corporate star at a retreat in the wild Colorado mountains. But when a raging flood threatens their survival, they learn the true meaning of partnership. Available in February in paperback as well as ebook.

Years ago, Ramona ‘Raye’ Soto faced harsh reality when a roving con man knocked her up. Now, at thirty-something, she’s concentrating on her career in a major telecommunications firm and funding college for her teenaged son. Enter Desmond Emmett—a fast talker and smooth operator. New to the office, the ex-serviceman possesses every negative quality that Raye should avoid in a guy. See-sawing between attraction and antagonism, the mismatched couple face their biggest challenge—learning the meaning of true partnership. When a massive flash flood sweeps down the rocky canyon and threatens their very survival, they must put aside their differences to rescue their colleagues—and their future as a couple. $4.99 at  Direct delivery to you.


I’ll speak on Tuesday, February 11, 2020, 11:30 am – 1:30 pm to this group of activists on “Beating My Head Against a Wall: why I continue to write” about the joys and woes of writing. After 65 years pursuing her dream, she’s still not ready to throw in the towel. Somewhere inside any person who chases a dream, there’s a little voice saying, “Keep going; don’t give up yet.” That voice might be an angel’s or a demon’s, but it has a definite impact on life. $35 per person for the lunch, prepayable.  Held at the Denver Athletic Club. INFO:,,

Holiday Book Fair

I celebrated the upcoming holiday season with 20 authors at author/businesswoman Judith Brile’s home by schmoozing, sipping tea, and mixing with book lovers on November 23. Lots of fun and interesting discussions. Thanks to Judith, who hosts these types of events as well as numerous workshops and services for writers. (See Judith’s offerings at

Colorado’s Kickoff to Woman Suffrage

Ever wonder how women a century ago tolerated the restrictions placed on them pre-equal rights and women’s lib? Clue: a number of them didn’t. While strictures then may have been weightier than today, women of independent mind, strong will, and dedicated principles simply ignored the limits society tried to impose and did what they had to do.

Take the women of the Denver Woman’s Press Club. Established in 1898 by nineteen charter members, the group still flourishes, and some members were active in the local and national suffrage movement.

Writers Group Hears About Stereotypes and Characters

I presented a workshop Monday, July 1, on “Out-of-Date Stereotypes in Character Development.” Sponsored by the Castle Rock Writers, I spoke about contemporary writing which often continues to be dogged by out-of-date stereotypes. I’m available for visits, readings, presentations. Contact me for information.

Rock and roll is our generation’s youth serum

We’re bound to live much longer that others because. . .we jam! My article on “Never Too Old to Rock ‘n’ Roll” appears in 3rd Act Magazine  Do you agree? Which category do you fall in? Comments welcome!

Now nationally syndicated!

Through Senior Wire News Service, my think-pieces are made available for a small fee. They’re also carried on Go60, such as my essay on the political climate. Can common courtesy help us get along better? Should manners trump morals?

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