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“I’d rather be a hackney writer than a hackney coach driver.” – Purported to be from Henry Fielding

SHORT STORY  “The Girl Who Loves the Boy Who Loves the Girl Who Plays the Cello,” describing the circuitous path romance can take, has been published by The Sunlight Press. Feel free to enjoy and leave comments.

SHORT STORY “Carmen” has been published online by Page & Spine. Two aging women are surprised about a third’s political activism, showing surprises occur at every age. Feel free to comment, like, forward. Scroll down to 1/8/21.

Why I’m anti-mask (masks pro and con): Essay/opinion piece, Grand Junction Beacon Senior News

Our reactions to coronavirus only give us the illusion of control: Essay/opinion piece, Colorado Sun,  May 2, 2020

Prose Poem: “If I Met My Mother Now, Would We Be Friends?”: From Eastern Iowa Review, March 2020

Never too Old to Rock ‘n’ Roll

Rock and roll is our generation’s youth serum. We’re bound to live much longer that others because. . .we jam! My article on “Never Too Old to Rock ‘n’ Roll” appears in 3rd Act Magazine. Do you agree? Which category do you fall in? Comments welcome!

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder, and in the Strength of Your Shoulders

New humor piece on travel, luggage and aging. See “Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder, and in the Strength of Your Shoulders,” Sasee Magazine, August 2018.

The Force that Drives

“The Force That Drives,” Penny, volume 3, December 2017 (from Six Penny & Co), the zine of illustrated flash prose.

King of the Class

“King of the Class,” essay, anthology/contest Our Past Loves, December 2014, free online.

The Prophet

The Prophet,” short story, April 2013, Infective INk, free online.

Hot Tubbing

“Hot Tubbing” is my finalist entry in the publication of Best New Writing Anthology 2013. Available through online book sellers and book stores.

Mr Kane’s Halo

Mr Kane’s Halo,” short story, received an honorable mention in Best Short Stories From The Saturday Evening Post Great American Fiction Contest 2013. Available online in electronic and paperback editions.

A Solo in Two-Part Harmony

A Solo in Two-Part Harmony,” short story, 12/20/12, Downstate Story.   Free download.

The Desk

The Desk,” Short Story America, 8/3/12. Now available as part of their collection, Short Story America, Volume Two.

We Were All Going to Be Writers

We Were All Going to Be Writers,” poem published by Pilgrimage, spring 2012, online, my site.

The Wild Kids

The Wild Kids,” Metro Fiction, April 23, 2012, free online.

An Afternoon at the Louvre

An Afternoon at the Louvre,” short story, Infective INK, 2/17/12, free online.

Neighborhood Pig

Neighborhood Pig,” second place winner in the National Tom Howard short story contest 2012. Free online.

The Singer

The Singer,” short story, second place winner, Calliope, 18th anthology, second place winner, 12/11. Short story. Purchase anthology at Amazon.

Corazón de Mi Vida, St. Teresa

Corazón de Mi Vida, St. Teresa” [Heart of My Heart, St. Teresa], On the Premises, short storyfirst place winner, 11/09.  Free online.

The Simple Pleasures of Walking

The Simple Pleasures of Walking,” Christian Science Monitor, 3/6/09. Essay, free online.

The Significance of Stories

The Significance of Stories,” Sasee, 11/08.  Essay, free online.

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