Headstrong. Rachel Kinsey fits the description perfectly. A woman whose enthusiasm for life and unguarded honesty disturbs a man who values order, perfection, and serenity. Rachel must learn to be heart-strong in order to find her soul mate. A touching, tender tale full of gentle humor, about thinking too much and feeling too little.


“ I enjoyed this sweet, charming story from the cute meet in the grocery store all the way to the end. Set in the real world of today it was imbued with deft touches that struck a chord in my heart. ”

– Penelope Marzec

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Product Details

ISBN: 978-0615777368
ASIN: B00BE65T78
Publisher:Prism Book Group
Publication Date:2/9/2013

About the Author

Bonnie McCune has been writing since age ten, when she submitted a poem about rain rushing down the gutter to the Saturday Evening Post (it was rejected). Her true passion is fiction, and her stories have won several awards. Never Retreat is her third novel and her fifth book of fiction.

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