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Never RetreatNever Retreat by Bonnie McCune book cover

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  • Kirkus Review
    “…offering intriguing lead characters…the novel is a swift and satisfying read. The fresh air helps turn this office romance into a truly romantic adventure.”
  • Midwest Book Review
    “Few novels operate on such different levels, moving their characters to challenge not just each other, but their own perceptions…McCune provides just the right blend of comic relief, interpersonal encounters, and outside environment change.”
  • Readers: Favorite
    “More than a love story, Bonnie McCune has created a tale of partnership and equality, sure to remind us of both contemporary gender struggles and hope for the future of men and women as a united, beneficial partnership. . .an intelligent love story.” – K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite, 5 star review
  • RomCon
    “Clashing characters early on turns into a nice dose of chemistry between the pair. Strong well-written characters with a fleshed- out background for each of them makes this an enjoyable read. An imaginative storyline that hasn’t been overdone. 4 stars.”
    –Review by Jane K., RomCon

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