Irish Episode

Set in the early 1970s, this novella immerses an American woman in the life and times of a struggling Irish musician. Irish Episode - Final Cover 4

Carol, a disillusioned refugee from a high-pressure advertising agency in the US, thinks she’d like to swap the materialism around her at home for the unpretentious and relaxed approach presented by folk singer James Kevin Flarity. The attraction of his unpolished candor, his modest life style, and his straightforward desire for Carol, so different from the slick savoir faire of the “suits” Carol meets back home, provides a definite bonus to pursue a relationship.

But can they both ignore their roots as they face the kind of personal decisions nearly all of us face in our lives?  Two strong-willed and distinctive individuals pit themselves against one another to see if they can transcend their differences.

Publication date:  June 2012
Read an excerpt

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