Headstrong. Rachel Kinsey fits the description perfectly.

Beautiful couple is taking a walk on a winter day.

The divorced soccer mom may be ditzy and as sympathetic to losers as a charity, but she knows what she wants.  A man completely different from her unreliable ex-husband and the outrageous characters she’s usually doomed to attract.

Enter Jim Landers, the ideal candidate.  An accidental encounter introduces her to the tall, dark attorney who loves soccer and kids.  The only problem?  He’s not prepared for a ready-made family and a woman as comfortable as a beloved sweater rather than a beauty queen.

A woman whose enthusiasm for life and unguarded honesty disturbs a man who values order, perfection, and serenity.  Rachel must learn to be heart-strong in order to find her soul mate.  A touching, tender tale full of gentle humor, about thinking too much and feeling too little.

Publication date:  February 2013

Book Trailer:

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