Publication of a book these days requires an author to be facile with social media. I’m still learning, but I do have TWO guest blogs now up.

Appearing on current RomCon blog—a piece on “The Comfort and Discomfort of Books.” If you’re inspired by my thoughts, feel free to add books that comfort you OR have helped you change. There’s a book give-away associated with this one. RomCon is an annual conference designed for readers of romance novels, along with reviews, ratings, and website. Read my blog under the “Contemporary Romance” blog section at

Then my fellow author at Prism Book Group, Linda Carroll-Bradd, kindly invited me to give insight into the heroine of my book Falling Like a Rock. Elaine Svoboda is spunky and determined but somewhat misguided in her efforts to give her life direction and find a special someone. Visit and comment on her blog “Musings About the Writing Life” at

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