• Newly published story to appear online soon: “The Desk,” a story about choices in an everyday life, is to appear in the next week or two in Short Story America, a free online site publishing weekly offerings. (It will be up only a few weeks.) You do need to complete the free registration to access stories. The mission of Short Story America is to bring short stories back into the mainstream, by enabling people to enjoy both new and classic short stories, all of them of top literary quality.
  • Novella about Ireland available electronically: “Irish Episode,” set in the early 1970s, immerses an American woman in the life and times of a struggling Irish musician. Carol, a disillusioned refugee from a high-pressure advertising agency in the US, thinks she’d like to swap the materialism around her at home for the unpretentious and relaxed approach presented by folk singer James Kevin Flarity. A voyage back in time, through personal challenges and changes. Available through Amazon Kindle only. I’ll send a free copy to anyone who agrees to do an online reader review for me (please, five stars if possible).
  • Downloads approach 11,000! The two-day free download of “A Saint” reached thousands! Thanks to all who participated, especially those who put the offer on their Facebook or social media or forwarded to others. The idea is that my name becomes more familiar to the reading public.
  • Appearance: I’ll appear on a Friday, 8/3/12 blog, courtesy of author Richard Bylina, with some marketing advice.

Regular news from me is issued every month or two. If you want to receive email notice of updates, let me know by sending an email to

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