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My women’s novel, “Falling Like a Rock,” is spotlighted on Clean Romance Revies,…/label/Book%20Spotlights Would love a comment if people have time and inclination.

I reveal my secret for finding inspiration in a new article in Romance Writers Report, July 2015. “How I Roll: Exercise and Writing” tells of unexpected benefits from activities such as spinning and walking, all to the improvement of my novels. Contact me if you’d like a copy.

“Falling Like a Rock” is featured on ‘More Reads’ at the Good EBooks site:

Books now available at Denver’s newest bookstore–City Stacks Books & Coffee, 1743 Wazee Street Denver, CO 80202, 303.297.1440. Busy downtown neighborhood. Thanks to Ben and Emily for your support of local authors. See

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Falling Like a Rock, published July 2014
Read an excerpt  |  Purchase

Watch out for falling rock! A mountain town and its rugged mayor captivate a woman in search of a new life and love.


A Message from Bonnie

Superhuman achievements, extravagant wealth and grandiloquent language, political power or notoriety, or the external signs of success aren’t impressive. Instead, the wonder in the world around me, the respect I feel when an individual meets trouble with dignity and hard work, my amazement to learn of a small triumph in an everyday life motivate me.

My response isn’t unique. From a piece as banal yet charming as Flower Drum Song (“A Hundred Million Miracles”) to soul-stirring poems by Ranier Maria Rilke (“Duino Elgies”), we’re reminded how fleeting our existence and how valued our senses, experiences and thoughts should be.

So my writing and my blog explore these details with humor, aversion, praise, or awe, both the highs and lows of incidents I run across. You’re welcome to comment, read, or respond if you’re so inclined.

Author Bonnie McCune

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