News Release: Never Retreat

NeverRetreatCover200x300Denver author Bonnie McCune has released her newest women’s novel, Never Retreat, through Imajin Books. Her fifth major work of fiction, the book pits a feisty single mom with an ex-military, macho corporate star at a business retreat in the wild Colorado mountains. An employee competition during the event boasts a huge reward, but only one can win. Add a threat to their survival, and the stage is set for adventure, attraction, and growth.

McCune describes the writing as a new type of women’s fiction.  Unafraid to debate contemporary concerns, the novel pulls no punches to provide a fresh look at age-old issues. She says, “This is your kind of writing if you think you’re smarter than a phone, you’ll take a human any day over the most advanced app, and you’re fascinated by characters with strong personalities.”

The story follows thirty-something Ramona (Raye) Soto. She was young and dumb when she met the man who fathered her son. After he dumped her, through grit and determination she was able to make a better life for herself and her child. Now, 17 years later, she needs additional money to put him through college.

A new chief of security appears at the telecommunications firm where she works. Desmond (Des) Emmett, a confident go-getter, reminds Raye of her worthless ex-husband. But despite his self-assured attitude, Des has his own problem–a critical need for cash to save his gravely ill sister. Raye and Des are paired at a corporate retreat in a luxurious mountain lodge. The reluctant duo struggle to complete management’s extreme mental and physical tests while discovering the unique strengths, talents, and appeal of each other.

The retreat’s final challenge scatters all competitors along a rough trail to make repairs. Before they can finish, one of the West’s notorious flash floods sweeps down the rocky canyon and threatens their survival. See-sawing between attraction and antagonism, the mismatched couple face their biggest challenge: learning the meaning of true partnership. Cut off from help, they must put aside their differences to rescue their colleagues—and their future as a couple.

Midwest Book Review says, “Few novels operate on such different levels, moving their characters to challenge not just each other, but their own perceptions…McCune provides just the right blend of comic relief, interpersonal encounters, and outside environment changes to make her story a powerful blend.” For more information, visit