BLOG — ORDERING FROM THE CHILDREN’S MENU: the brain-body connection

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  • WRITERS GROUP HEARS ABOUT STEREOTYPES AND CHARACTERS. I presented a workshop Monday, July 1, on “Out-of-Date Stereotypes in Character Development.” Sponsored by the Castle Rock Writers, I spoke about contemporary writing which often continues to be dogged by out-of-date stereotypes. I’m available for visits, readings, presentations. Contact me for information.
  • Free podcast on “Spinning, Writing, and Life-Long Learning” with me as the special guest on the Ladies Chit Chat Club with the FemiNinja. I share my passion for writing, devotion to community involvement, dedication to life-long learning, and commitment to exercise. Especially spinning. I believe mental activity is the result of physical activity, and that regular exercise helps the creative process. I also shares humor and outlook on life.

  • Rock and roll is our generation’s youth serum. We’re bound to live much longer that others because. . .we jam! My article on “Never Too Old to Rock ‘n’ Roll” appears in 3rd Act Magazine this month. Do you agree? Which category do you fall in? Comments welcome!

  • Article on why I always have disasters in my fiction. Can you guess the reasons why: See

  • QUIRKY OLD LADIES FRONT AND CENTER: My short story “Carmen” is now available online through Short Edition’s national writing contest. (  “Carmen” reveals a hidden side of an aging but courageous woman as two friends poke through her possessions and discuss her. Short Edition is a French publisher of brief fiction “for loiterers and literati alike,” dispensed free in special machines. Distribution has now begun in the US. See

  • Now nationally syndicated! Through Senior Wire News Service, my think-pieces are made available for a small fee. They’re also carried on Go60, such as my essay on the political climate. Can common courtesy help us get along better? Should manners trump morals?Read more news…


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